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Mini Mike Bloomberg was supposed to be the Democratic savior who was going to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination. Jumping in the race late in November 2019, he had little hope or vision but lots of money. The result was $600 million down the drain to only win one state, which was actually just a U.S. territory: American Samoa.

“I’m a believer in using data to inform decisions. After yesterday’s results, the delegate math has become virtually impossible – and a viable path to the nomination no longer exists.” said Bloomberg in a statement Wednesday. “And so while I will not be the nominee, I will not walk away from the most important political fight of my life.”


To say that Bloomberg cratered on Super Tuesday would be an understatement. He struggled to remain competitive in most states, and as of the time of this being written, only has 44 delegates. In contrast, Joe Biden has 453 at the moment, 409 more. 1,191 minimum are needed to win the Democratic nomination.


Mini Mike Bloomberg leaves the race as possibly the worst businessman of all time. He pledged more than half a billion dollars to win American Samoa, a small group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. In most other Super Tuesday states, he failed to meet the 15% threshold to receive any delegates. Bloomberg was also never on the ballot in earlier states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.


It turns out that Bloomberg can’t buy his seat in the Oval Office. His main argument was that he had a lot of money and therefore he had the resources to beat Trump. But it turns out that no likes Bloomberg. Not even his own supporters,  apparently.


Bloomberg immediately endorsed Joe Biden as soon as he dropped, adding to the growing list of endorsements for the former Vice President. Just a few weeks ago at the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas, Biden was slamming Bloomberg for his abhorrent policies in New York City. Now Mike is licking his boots.

President Trump won in 2016 because he was powered by the silent majority and their support. He will need it again to win in 2020- join the effort and donate to Defend US!