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            President Trump has been on the front lines of the attack against the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Most recently, he announced that he would be invoking the Defense Production Act to help ensure that American citizens have ample resources to fight this disease.  At this time the president is not changing production, but by invoking this act, it will allow him to swiftly increase production of medical supplies and other resources. 

The Trump administration is working to decrease the panic that surrounds COVID-19 and is working to limit the impact on the lives of Americans.  Trump is allowing federal agencies to operate at full capacity and giving experts the chance to lead positive change.


In addition to this announcement, President Trump commented on the great work that FEMA has been able to do during this pandemic.  They have been activated on a level one disaster in order to operate at their highest level.  Every region of the country is now receiving aid from FEMA.


FEMA works in tandem with local emergency services to help minimize the effects that disasters have across the country.  In this case, President Trump is allowing FEMA to impact the largest number of American citizens and help mitigate losses around the country.  The Trump administration has shown amazing support to their partners in law enforcement and other emergency medical services.


The Trump administration has led the United States to become a better and more well equipped country throughout the last 3 and a half years.  His leadership has given Americans a chance to prepare themselves for these types of disasters.  Defend US believes in the work that President Trump has done and is ready for four more years! 

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