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Senator Amy Klobuchar has done a lot of bootlicking lately. Ever since Joe Biden announced at the Sunday Democratic Debate that he will be choosing a woman as his Vice President, praise from prominent Democratic women has poured in. Amy Klobuchar joined the choir Wednesday. 

On ABC’s “The View,” Klobuchar expressed her deep admiration for Biden. “A true leader, someone who has worked for change his whole life, someone who will have the back of the American people. What is so missing…the decency, the dignity that Joe Biden will bring back to the White House. He’s someone of great empathy.”


Get real Amy. Sleepy Joe? The one who puts down Americans everyday and screams in their face if they disagree with him? The last thing Biden would bring to the White House is decency or dignity.


Just a few months ago Biden was caught on camera name calling an Iowan farmer who dared to challenge him on his shady Ukraine ties regarding Biden’s son, Hunter. “You’re a damn liar, man!” replied Biden.


On March 10th, Sleepy Joe got into a shouting match with an auto worker at a campaign stop in Michigan. The man criticized Biden for not supporting the second amendment, which provoked outrage from Joe. “You’re full of sh-t!” said Biden to the man’s face.


Many people are familiar with the Ukraine scandal, where Biden’s son Hunter profited off of being on the board of a Ukranian natural gas company without having any experience in the industry. Joe Biden has gotten defensive whenever he’s been questioned about the scandal, not giving an answer to where his son even is.


So Amy Klobuchar, is this the decency and dignity you’re referring to? Biden clearly does not have the temperament to be President of the United States. To re-elect President Trump, he must have your full support.

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