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In case you missed it, the media has been at war with President Trump over his verbiage regarding the coronavirus. Despite all the ongoing issues in the country and the need for unity, the media can’t help but pick a frivolous fight with the president over the name of the China Virus.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who recently tested negative for coronavirus, called out the liberal hypocrisy on twitter Thursday. “When Democrats don’t have legitimate arguments, bogus charges of racism are their go-to ploy. Spanish Flu, West Nile Virus, Zika, & Ebola are all named for places. Where did this virus begin? China.”


The Spanish Flu in 1918 particularly affected the Spaniards. There is some debate as to where it started, but most historians cite its beginning in Spain. Which is why it has always been called the Spanish flu.


The West Nile Virus originated in Uganda from the West Nile River, hence the name. The Zika virus caused the Zika epidemic, which spread to parts of North and South America. The virus got its name because it originated from the Ziika Forest in Uganda. The Ebola virus got its name because it was first discovered near the Ebola River in Congo.


There is a clear pattern: epidemics get named after their place of origin. But it’s 2020, and political correctness has never been more prevalent. The media must push their narrative no matter what the circumstances are, and that means trying to falsely claim Trump is racist.


China has covered up their crimes, and did nothing to stop the spread of the virus until it was too late. Luckily, President Trump put a travel ban on China weeks ago, which made a difference. Unfortunately, a lot of damage had been done by the Communist regime.


It is factually correct to call COVID-19 the China Virus. They started it, and have no remorse. 

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