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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer held up the third phase of the Coronavirus relief package for several days last week because it didn’t meet every criteria they wanted. After the ridiculous PR stunt failed, the bill was passed and signed into law by President Trump.

Looking for redemption, Nancy Pelosi is reportedly considering a fourth stimulus package that includes her liberal agenda.


In an interview on Fox News on Sunday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy heeded warnings to how Pelosi and her Democratic allies may stuff a fourth stimulus package with all kinds of ‘pork’ that meets the demand of left wing activists but has nothing to do with Coronavirus relief.


What concerns me is, when I listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about a fourth package now, it’s because she didn’t get in the things that she really wanted to change the election law, a Green New Deal, expand — make us pay for Planned Parenthood, and expand what you’re seeing for sanctuary cities.” said McCarthy. “Those are the things why this bill was held up for a week, but those are the things that we stopped.”


The third phase of the relief package was already the largest relief bill ever passed, coming in at a whopping $2 trillion. Republicans want to, at the bare minimum, give the bill a few weeks to do its job before diving right back into a potentially higher costing relief bill.


Despite having absolutely nothing to do with aid for the American people during the Chinese Virus epidemic, Pelosi and other Democrats were trying to sneak in the Green New Deal in the third phase of the bill. It not only wasted time, but delayed the relief to the American people that they needed. Giving Planned Parenthood more funding was also part of their bogus liberal wishlist, luckily never coming to fruition.


Nancy Pelosi took zero responsibility for her embarrassing political stunt. Instead, she tried to turn the tables on President Trump for her misbehavior. On CNN Sunday in an interview with Jake Tapper, Pelosi said, “As the president fiddles, people are dying.”


The Democrats and the media are at war with President Trump and his administration over the Chinese Virus. No matter what he does, it’s never enough.

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