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President Trump has given federal officials the go-ahead to research counties and the risk of infectious spread in order to limit COVID-19 impact.  The goal of this research will be to determine which areas of the country can open back up with minimal risk of virus spread.  The American economy will need to begin regular commerce eventually, but by using these measures, it may be able to partially open up in some areas before others. 

            COVID-19 has been the epicenter of American media, and some areas have been identified as “hotspots” for viral spread.  For example, the New York City metropolitan area has over half of the total confirmed cases across the country.  This area is likely to hit its peak sooner than others, but remains a risk zone for spread. 


            This pandemic is a fairly unprecedented event in US history, and the decision makers will be remembered for the stances they take to limit its impacts.  President Trump has taken the approach that the “solution” cannot be worse than the “problem”.  This means he is not willing to let the economy die and cause greater mortality numbers than the virus. 


            Normalcy has been shifted to most Americans working and surviving from the confines of their own living spaces.  In some ways, the American economy is learning that many industries do not rely on the brick and mortar offices and storefronts.  This pandemic will likely have lasting effects on the way that many companies conduct everyday operations. 


            Defend US recognizes the hard work President Trump is doing ton help ease the negative effects of COVID-19.  He has shown that he is willing to provide resources and solutions to state and local governments to take the best course of action.  He is truly enacting “America first” policies, and he has done a tremendous job to defeat this disease. 

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