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“This is the end of the Donald Trump presidency.” You’ve probably heard this line a million times by members of the lamestream media and from Democratic politicians. Unsurprisingly, they’ve been wrong every time, but they’re repeating the same line during the coronavirus epidemic, despite President Trump’s approval rating hitting an all-time high in the past week.

Trump’s reelection campaign is gaining serious momentum, and Democrats are panicking trying to prop up Joe Biden. The race isn’t over just yet though, as crazy Bernie Sanders refuses to drop out of the race and keeps on urging Biden to compete in more debates with him.


While Bernie may still be in the race, his chances are at zero of winning the Democratic nomination. The Biden campaign and DNC has chosen to just act like Bernie doesn’t exist, and to move forward to the general election with China Joe as the presumptive nominee.


As he pivots toward the general election, Biden is going to have to choose a running mate soon who would be his Vice President. The rumor mill has been spinning, along with the speculations of who he will choose. Biden said during the last Democratic debate that he will be playing the gender card by choosing a woman as his running mate.


One of the names that is gaining more and more momentum is the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. At 48 years old, she is young but also comes from an important battleground state. Whitmer has also sparred with President Trump during the entire coronavirus epidemic, as her state fails into chaos.


Senator Kamala Harris of California has had her name floated as well as a potential VP pick. She is a woman of color and is a female, checking two major boxes of Democratic wishlists. She has been a thorn in the President’s side, taking any opportunity she can to get attention, which included her failed presidential bid.


Biden may also reportedly consider another former Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Her favorite personality trait, being from the Midwest, could allure Biden into selecting her. She’s also been publicly fawning over him for weeks, knowing she could be a VP option.


Whoever Joe Biden picks as his running mate will never be the next Vice President. That is, unless, we take our foot off the gas.

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