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If you were a Democrat seeking a campaign job in late 2019 and the earlier duration of this year, working for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign made a lot of sense. He offered lucrative monthly salaries that were thousands of dollars more than the average campaign job, free healthcare, a job through November regardless of if Bloomberg dropped out, and a free iPhone and laptop.

But like most promises made by Democrats, it was nothing but false hope and lies.


For Bloomberg staffers, they had to learn the lesson the hard way by finding out within days of the former New York Mayor dropping out of the presidential race that the promise that they’d be employed through November was not going to happen, and that they were now unemployed.


Instead of forming a super PAC to support the chosen Democratic presidential nominee like he promised, Bloomberg backed off his pledge and instead funneled the money, $18 million, to the DNC for battleground state efforts. It was a slap in the face to former staffers.


Because Bloomberg no longer had a job for his thousands of campaign workers across the entire country, it also meant they were going to be losing their health insurance…right as an international pandemic began to gripple the entire world.


To add insult to injury, dozens of former Bloomberg staffers who worked at the campaign headquarters in New York City found out they were exposed to the coronavirus at the Midtown HQ hours before they were laid off. Instead of helping the staffers during a crisis, Bloomberg showed them the door and had them kiss goodbye to their healthcare he had promised to them.


“I’m so sorry I worked for this guy. I thought he was totally different.” said an irate former Minnesota field organizer for Bloomberg. That former field organizer had another job lined up before coming to work for Bloomberg, but declined it because the pay, benefits, and promises were too much to turn down. Now, she is jobless. “He took me out of my job for his own gain.”


The cherry on top of Bloomberg’s corruption and final punch in the gut to former staffers was finding out that the only final compensation they got from the campaign, the iPhone and laptop they were told they could keep, was going to result in hundreds of dollars owed in taxes.


Bloomberg is facing multiple lawsuits, but he’s rich enough that no matter what happens he won’t be held accountable. Bloomberg is no different than the rest of the Democrats who are full of broken promises.

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