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President Trump has had enough of the lying and corruption that has stemmed from the World Health Organization. He announced on Tuesday that the United States would be temporarily halting funding to the WHO, gutting the organization of millions of dollars.

The World Health Organization, which is a specialized agency that’s part of the United Nations, has been wrong from the get-go about the coronavirus. In January they tweeted that the virus cannot be spread between humans, citing Chinese authorities.


The WHO also has consistently been against travel bans, even claiming they are ineffective. They criticized President Trump’s proactive move to ban travel to and from China. Despite it being less than two weeks since the first confirmed case in the U.S., the President’s decisive and preliminary move to institute the ban on February 2nd saved countless numbers of lives.


The President of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, has been sparring with President Trump. Just last week, he indirectly threatened the president, saying that if the WHO continues to be politicized (aka criticized) there will be “many more body bags.”


It’s a shady pattern that the World Health Organization has consistently echoed Chinese Communist party talking points, and been completely lazy when it comes to fact-checking Chinese propaganda. Instead of continuing to let WHO spew Chinese lies with the funding of American taxpayers, Trump has drawn the line in the sand.


In fact, since 2010 over $3.5 billion in American taxpayer money has gone to the WHO. “The WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable,” said President Trump on Tuesday. “The outbreak could have been contained at its source” if the World Health Organization adequately responded from the start, he added.


President Trump just put the WHO and all other countries on notice by following through with his word. If you continue to lie and undermine the United States, Trump will defund you or cut you off.

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