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New York City has suffered tremendously under the Coronavirus outbreak, hospitalizing and killing thousands of New Yorkers. New York City has also suffered under corrupt liberal leadership for years now, and Mayor Bill de Blasio is certainly contributing to it.

Living in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s shadow, Mayor de Blasio has mainly spent his time complaining during COVID-19 about not having necessary equipment and money, as well as a heavy dose of Trump bashing. One decision he made on his own though within the past few weeks was to release some inmates out of prisons early.


His grand idea was to release a large number of inmates, roughly 1,400, from the Rikers Island prison complex. Mayor de Blasio was concerned about the spread of the novel coronavirus within the prison. He had hoped by granting a type of clemency to the inmates that they would then obey the laws they broke before they entered the prison.


De Blasio’s jailbreak idea has not worked out as planned, as dozens of priorly released inmates are now back in jail. Even though nearly everyone saw this coming from a mile away, the Mayor was in disbelief at his daily briefing, and even provided an excuse.


“I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done.” said Mayor de Blasio on Monday at his briefing. “But it’s a small number of people.” added de Blasio.


New York residents have not only the coronavirus to fear, but now released inmates committing crimes to worry about too thanks to Mayor de Blasio’s leadership at the top in City Hall.


Only a Democrat would think releasing hundreds of inmates into society would be a great idea. Only a Democrat would be shocked when they found out that the idea didn’t work.

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