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Creepy Joe has a history of improper contact with women, and has been accused of sexual assault by former staff member Tara Reade.  There are numerous videos that have surfaced of Biden’s inappropriate touching, kissing, and nuzzling on both women and children.  Democrats may have nominated a monster, but are quick to ignore the many signs that point to his wrongdoings.

Tara Reade’s claim that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 and much of this allegation is supported by facts.  Reade has maintained her story that Biden cornered her in a hallway and sexually assaulted her.  She also stated that when she refused to allow it, Biden said “Come on, I heard you like me.”  Biden abused his power and tried to force himself on Reade, making it the most horrific allegation he has ever received.


            Democrats have endorsed Biden as their candidate for the presidency, but they are quick to avoid these allegations. Nancy Pelosi has given her endorsement, and has completely disregarded these allegations.  Pelosi tried to use allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to ruin his life and attack Trump’s nomination.  She has been silent and refused to comment on the Biden allegations. 


Democrats are not consistent and they use false accusations as a means to achieve political power.  Pelosi and her gang of liberals will attack any Republican that is falsely accused of a crime, but will ignore their own.  Creepy Joe is given a pass since he fits the liberal political mold.  The hypocrisy must end for the American people. 


            Liberal media has also ignored the many signs that point to Biden’s history of sexual assault.  Media outlets like CNN have refused to cover the Tara Reade story in order to protect Joe Biden. Biden has not attempted to defend himself against these accusations and release documents that could lead to a public acquittal.  It is time to uncover the truth about the presidential candidate and the liberal media will do anything they can to try and beat President Trump. 


            Joe Biden has shown throughout his career that he is an absolute creep.  He has abused his power on many occasions to achieve economic success and he may have used it to achieve personal pleasure.  Defend US refuses to let this slide, and is working to achieve four more years of President Trump. 

If you believe that Creepy Joe deserves jail time over the White house, add your name to this petition today!