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COVID-19 has required the mass production of many products that are not normally required to sustain life in the United States.  Among these products are ventilators, and American industry is producing an incredible number of these.  One month ago, President Trump advised he would call on many companies to shift their focus to producing ventilators, including groups many car manufacturers. 

President Trump is responsible for giving American companies the tools to produce 100,000 ventilators in 100 days, three times the normal amount the U.S produces in a year. President Trump was quoted saying, “we are not the king of ventilators.”  Many other countries are in dire need this equipment, and are looking to American companies to obtain it. 


            The Trump administration has expertly led the American public through the first stage of the Coronavirus pandemic.  As the country begins to strategically open back up, it can be expected that many more innovative solutions will be put in place by President Trump.  While the dilemma has not been completely resolved, Americans are able to begin to breathe due to the effective measures that were implemented by the Trump administration. 


            Democrats have criticized the actions taken by the president, and called on the white house for help in many situations.  One instance includes Governor Cuomo of New York called for tens of thousands of ventilators to save the lives of New Yorkers.  They are now able to export many of he equipment that has been brought in since the Trump mobilization efforts were swift and effective. 


COVID-19 has shocked the fabric of the American people, but President Trump is beginning to allow citizens to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The firm and strong actions taken by the president and other White House officials has certainly made a great impact on American lives.  President Trump deserves four more years in office to continue to lead this country!

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