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     The University of Delaware holds a collection of Joe Biden’s records from his time in the US Senate.  Many believe that these records contain a copy of the complaint filed by former staff member, Tara Reade, regarding a sexual assault.  Reporters have request access to these records and they were initially scheduled to be released after the conclusion of the Obama presidency. 

            Many reporters across many media outlets have requested access to these records in order to verify if the complaint is included.  Biden has not been held accountable for his actions and Delaware is allowing interfering with the right of the American public to know the truth.  Biden is a 1965 graduate of the University of Delaware and has donated heavily over the years.  University of Delaware has commented that they will release the senate papers two years after Biden retires from public work.


            Creepy Joe is using his political power and personal riches to hide the allegations of sexual assault.  Ms. Reade bravely reported Biden and filed a complaint against a powerful US Senator, and that complaint was never taken seriously.  Joe Bide has shown that he is a liberal puppet that will act in the best interest of himself over the American people. 


            Joe Biden has gained endorsements from the vast majority of Democrats that are currently serving in public office.  These same officials were calling for the head of Brett Kavanaugh when his sexual assault accusations were confronted and ultimately debunked.  Specifically, Nancy Pelosi claimed she is “satisfied” with the left’s silence. 


Joe Biden has shown that he is a corrupt career politician that used his power for his own gain.  He has multiple sexual assault accusers and there may be a paper trail at his alma mater, the University of Delaware.   American citizens need to call on Delaware to open up these records and Biden should be forced to prove himself against the allegations.  Defend US stands with President Trump and will fight against Creepy Joe.

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